❤️ Please note that backorders will be processed after 1st March and may take 10-20 days to complete.

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What to expect 4

How Long?
Instock item: 
It will take 1-2 working days to prepare and sent out your order.

Example payment made on the 1st:
- Before 4pm: Item will  
- After 4pm: Item will estimate reach us between 9-12th (without shipment delay)

Backorder item:
It will take 7-10 days to reach us and additional 2-5 working days to reach you.

Example payment made on the 1st:
- Before 4pm: Item will estimate reach us between 8th-11th (without shipment delay)  
- After 4pm: Item will estimate reach us between 9-12th (without shipment delay).
Order Status
Status: Payment received (You will receive an email)
Login and go to "My account" on the top right corner of the website to see the summary of your order. Invoice will also be sent to your email.

Check the date of the payment made to estimate the date of your order reaching us. 

Once your order is ready, you will received an email stating that we have sent out your parcel. Your order status will then be changed to "completed"

Status: Completed (You will receive an email)
Parcel is being sent out and is on the way to you or has reached your stated mailing address. 

For normal mail, parcel will be delviered to your letterbox.
For registered mail, parcel will be delivered to your doorstep. 
Other commone FAQs
Can i still place order for backorder that is uploaded long ago?
Yes, as long as you are able to place your order, they are still availble to place your order. However, in event if it's out of stock, you will be notifed. If we did not hear from you, we will refund you automatically once we sent out your parcel.

How do i know if the item is Backorder or Instock?
You may refer to the name of the item to know if the item you have selected it's instock or backorder item.

If an Instock item is out of stock, will it be restock?
You can join the waiting list, we will notify you once we restock that item. If not, you may also place your order as backorder. If both instock and backorder are out of stock, it means item is no longer availble. You may still join the waiting list. 
add on: you will be notify via email once parcel sent out.
sms when courier is delivering your parcel.